Improved Support for Post Statuses Now in WP Word Count Pro

The latest WP Word Count Pro release includes an improved way to view post status statistics with finer controls for users to define what they want to see.

The latest release of WP Word Count Pro, version 2.2.0, comes with a total overhaul of how statistics are tracked and displayed for post statuses.

Post statuses in previous versions of the plugin where combined into two categories: Published and Unpublished. We heard from a lot of users that this wasn’t right for their needs and that they would prefer to see individual breakdowns for each of the default WordPress post status types:

  • Publish
  • Future
  • Draft
  • Pending
  • Private
  • Trash

In addition to the default statuses, WordPress offers support for custom post statuses which you can add to your site using a handful of plugins like PublishPress or Edit Flow. WP Word Count Pro now comes with support for these user-defined custom post statuses as well.

How Post Statuses Display

Here’s a look at what the new Top Content dashboard looks like in 2.2.0:

Now WP Word Count Pro users can see their exact word counts for their posts and pages as they progress through the writing process from rough draft all the way through to fully published and live on the web. These breakdowns should prove especially helpful for content managers and editors who are using WP Word Count Pro in combination with a WordPress editorial calendar.

Post status statistics appear throughout the plugin now and not just on the Top Content and All Content screens. Here’s an example of the Author screen with each writer’s word count numbers broken out by type and status:

WP Word Count Pro Author Statistics

How to Define Post Statuses

WP Word Count Pro Settings - Post Statuses

Support for custom post statuses, like custom post types, is a feature exclusive to WP Word Count Pro and is not available in the free version of the plugin.

You can set which post statuses you want to see in your statistics in the same way you can control post types in WP Word Count Pro. Head to the Settings screen of the plugin and go to the Post Statuses tab:

The list of statuses you see might be different (we’re using some custom statuses provided by PublishPress in the screenshot). Simply check the ones you want included in your statistics, press the Save Changes button and your word counts will immediately reflect your choices.

Purchase WP Word Count Pro

Support for various post statuses is just one of several features exclusive to WP Word Count Pro that are not available in the plugin’s free version. You can purchase a single site or unlimited site license and have all of these features unlocked on your site.