Changelog - WP Word Count Pro

2.5.1 – 4 June 2020

  • Tested up to WordPress 5.4.1
  • Updated plugin details


  • New “Reading Time” statistic throughout the plugin.


  • Bug fixes.


  • Added “Last 30 Days” statistics to the “Author” tab.
  • Added support for Gravatar/User Profile Images.


  • “Words by Author” Pie Chart better accommodates sites with many authors.
  • Fixed issue with multiple license notifications on activation and deactivation.


  • New calculation options for sites with extremely large amounts of content.
  • Export now available under the “Settings” screen.
  • Improved Monthly Stats graphs.
  • Interface changes and bug fixes.


  • Fixed [wp-word-count-posts] shortcode.
  • New chart and graph colors.
  • Removed “inherit” and “auto-draft” post statuses.


  • Added support for custom post statuses.
  • Interface changes and bug fixes.


  • Interface changes and bug fixes.


  • Statistics for Categories.
  • Statistics for Tags.
  • General bug fixes.


  • General bug fixes.


  • Fixed an occasional incorrect word count total on the “Monthly Statistics” screen.


  • Users can now define exactly what post types are included in their statistics. Available under the updated “Settings” screen.
  • Updated the tab interface.
  • Updated the individual Post, Month and Author detail statistics.
  • Charts and graphs added to most screens.
  • Support for Scheduled Posts.
  • General bug fixes.


  • Fixed author stats not updating when a post is assigned to a new user.
  • Fixed minor error for newer versions of PHP.


  • New shortcodes. See FAQ for details.
  • New item in “At a Glance” admin panel.
  • Automatically excluding common WordPress post types: Custom CSS, Navigation Menu Items.
  • General bug fixes.


  • Improved word counts.
  • Support for non-Latin languages.
  • Support for Thrive Content Builder.
  • Changes to achievement notifications.
  • General bug fixes.


  • Detailed author statistics.
  • General interface improvements.
  • Fixed critical performance bug for WordPress Network installations.
  • Upgrades to third-party plugin updating library.


  • Maintenance release to fix bugs in third-party plugin updating library.


  • You can calculate your word counts and achievements any time you wish via the Settings page. This should help alleviate problems with plugin activation/updating on servers with limited resources.
  • Improved warnings when your License Key is missing or inactive.
  • Added Quick Links to Edit, Trash and View for ‘Top Content’ and ‘All Content’ on the Statistics page.
  • The ‘Words’ column, under Monthly Statistics, now displays the correct total word count for that month’s row.
  • Localization improvements.


  • Word Count column added to Posts and Pages.
  • New Achievements.
  • Performance improvements during plugin activation. Sites with massive amounts of content, or on cost-effective hosting, should see fewer problems during activation.
  • Improvements to Custom Post Type statistics: posts without authors are now excluded to try and cut down on plugins that are using the _posts table to store their data.
  • All plugin data is deleted on deactivation.
  • General bug fixes.


  • Initial release.