Welcome to the WP Word Count Website

WP Word Count and its Pro version now have their very own website where potential customers can learn about the plugin, existing users can get support and writers will learn how to improve their WordPress websites.

When WP Word Count Pro first launched back in October of 2016 it was just a nice side project for my business, Link Software LLC, so I didn’t think too much about hosting the plugin on my company site.

In the following years, that decision has caused several inconveniences with the business and my Pro customers so now WP Word Count Pro is finally being sold and marketed on its very own domain name.

Existing Pro owners should have received the 2.1.1 update by now with some interface changes and a behind-the-scenes switch to the new server. If you are experiencing any problems with your updates please contact support.

More Than Just Plugin Sales and Support

One of the goals with the new site is to begin to offer helpful articles for writers using WordPress. I have several of these types of posts ready to be posted on the blog in the coming weeks. WP Word Count is a plugin built for writers so its important to help educate our users on the best ways to enhance their WordPress sites with the best themes, plugins and general tips.

The Future of WP Word Count

There’s going to be a small update to the version of WP Word Count hosted on WordPress.org soon. This release will feature some of the interface improvements seen in the 2.1.1 version of WP Word Count Pro as well as fixes to a few nagging bugs.

WP Word Count Pro has a future features list that is growing over time. I don’t want to commit to anything in particular at this time but there are plenty of new ideas coming in the future that will hopefully increase the usefulness of the plugin to all of its owners.

Thank you for checking out the site and WP Word Count. If you are a Pro user, thank you so much for buying the expanded version of the plugin and I hope you’re enjoying the statistics and analysis it provides as you continue to grow your site.

– Brian J. Link
Link Software LLC