New Author Statistics and Gravatar Support in WP Word Count Pro

The newest release of WP Word Count Pro, version 2.4.0, is out now with a brand new set of author statistics and support for Gravatar user photos.

The Author tab now comes with a “Last 30 Days” breakdown of posts and word counts users have added to a site. This gives site admins, editors and content marketers a quick and easy way to see how much new content has been flowing into your site over the past month.

Last 30 Days Screenshot

Site owners who are paying freelance writers to add daily content to a site will find this new “Last 30 Days” table particular useful in determining who is contributing and writing the most content. These statistics are updated in real time, as posts and pages are added, so this list can be referred to regularly for the latest breakdown.

In addition to this new set of statistics, WP Word Count Pro 2.4.0 also comes with Gravatar support through the entire plugin. Now any place where a user’s name is mentioned their profile photo is included as well. This will work not only with the Gravatar service but also popular replacement plugins such as WP User Avatar.

Purchase WP Word Count Pro

Pro users should see the update available for download and installation inside of their WordPress admin right now. If you haven’t upgraded to Pro yet and are considering making the purchase check out our Pricing page to learn more.