WP Word Count is perfect for controlling our content marketing efforts. We get exact statistics on how much content we have produced and who has written it. What we like most is that we can see how much content has been written every month so that we can easily keep track of our content marketing efforts.

Ramón R
impossible SEO

It does what it says on the tin! For my own purposes, I needed to know how many words I’d published, and then which posts had the largest individual counts. I was surprised to find I’d published 1.2 million words, and that from the fairly detailed stats I average around 10,000 word per month, spiking at 40,000 one time.

Doaadi MacRoth
Diary Of An ADI

For a true blogger, creating and managing content is difficult. One thing I absolutely love about WP Word Count Pro is seeing my content count broken down by post status. It is very helpful to know what I have in word count scheduled, draft and more.

Joshua Koop
Ultralight Packer

This is the only word-counting plugin that genuinely works. It helps me track the volume of writing I’m doing every week, shows me the ratio of my in-progress articles to the published stuff, and even breaks down that volume per client. This is really useful if you like to stay on top of your productivity as a writer or blogger!

Karol K

Very good plugin. We especially are happy with the additional word counts by post status, categories and tags with charts and graphs and extra details. As well as the monthly details about daily amount of words, author and monthly comparisons. Easy to use, simply great and worth the money.

Roger Overdevest

Thanks to WP Word Count Pro I’ve written the equivalent of several novels. It motivates me to write a little more every day, which soon adds up. The built-in Achievements provide me with just enough of a push to make me give that little bit extra to reach my next target.

Dylan Miller

As an author, WP WordCount Pro has helped me keep track of and understand the trends of my own writing. Having a high-level overview of post categories as well as calendar months lets me keep tabs on exactly what kind of content I am creating and how I measure up to my own publication goals. The reporting of average word counts has been especially helpful as I work on creating longer, more feature-full posts. I would highly recommend WP Word Count Pro to anyone running a blog, particularly those with multiple contributors.

Christopher Wright